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Item Unit Price
Item total Amount
 THE LIVING ENVIRONMENT-Biology Lessons (laminated, comb bound) $21.95
   out of stock
 BIO-BRIEFS review = [$15.95 unlaminated]   
   out of stock
 TEACHER LECTURE GUIDE =  $15.95 (unlaminated)      
 STUDENT LECTURE GUIDE = $12.95 UNBOUND, reproducible
 CASE STUDIES, TEACHER MANUAL =  $15.95 unlaminated
 CASE STUDIES, STUDENT MANUAL =  $12.95 unbound, reproducible
 THE LIVING ENVIRONMENT IN 3D =   $19.95 unlaminated
   2 left
 POWERPOINT CD'S (includes 1 student manual) ------------- -----------------
A. Standard 1 and 4 Bio Concepts CD and Std. 1 and 4 Student Notebook (unbound, reproducible) = $39.95
   1 left
C. ANSWER KEY = $9.95

 REGENTS MASTERY REVIEW = $19.95 (unbound, reproducible)
   out of stock
 LEAF STUDY GUIDES = $9.95 Laminated, dbl. sided pages; Total = 14 pages.
 BIO-SEQUENCE CARDS = $24.95 (for one set, laminated); $21.95 ea. (for one set unlaminated). Please name the topics on the back of this form, then fill-in the form on the left (note that "Number" is the number of topics)
 REGENTS COMPUTER EXAM PREP = $21.95 - $24.95 (plus PDF teacher exam & answer key) (Itemize as described in Bio-Cubics example)
      x           x
 BIO-LOGIC CARD KIT: Genetics = $29.95 
    out of stock
 BIO-LOGIC CARD KIT: Cellular Organization = $29.95  (Out Of Stock)        x
 BIO-BAGGIE ACTIVITIES = $34.95 per package of 5 
Regents Biology Flash Cards = $34.95 (5 sets/topic laminated)
Unit $
 1. Topics 1-6 (5 cards sets/topic) = $34.95 (unlaminated = $29.95)

 2. Topics 7-12 (5 card sets/topic) = $34.95 (unlaminated = $29.95)

 TOTAL (from above)      
$1.99/ITEM Economy shipping (Media mail);  2-8 days from Post Office acording to USPS
(OPTION); First Class/Priority mail. $5 first item, $1 for each additional item.
 Interest penalty (Schools: If payment is over 90 days late from shipment date, add a late penalty of 5% based on "TOTAL" above)      
 Sub-Total (book price + Shipping /Handling on Total + penalty if any)      
 Tax (N.Y. S. + local)* on Sub-Total (for help see N.Y.S. sales tax calculator at ; Official school P.O.'s with tax exempt # are exempt.  Order outside N.Y.S. = 0% tax.
 FINAL TOTAL enclosed (Sub-Total + Tax). Orders only accepted from within the U.S.A..*(Checks, money orders, school purchase orders only) ; Ex. $21.95 (Case Study book) + $1.99 Shipping +
N.Y.S. tax (Ex. Varies by county*, but if it was 8%) = 21.95 + 1.99 Sh = $23.94 x 8% tax ($1.92) = $25.86. *See NewYork State sales tax rates at:

Policies. School Late Payments received that are over 90 days from postmark on Delivery Confirmation receipt, will incur a 5% interest charge based on the "TOTAL" payment (minus shipping). If purchase is made by a tax exempt school, then please forward your "Exempt Organization Certificate" or exempt number on the Purchase Order (signed by purchasing agent) with your purchase. The certificate is only necessary if this is your first purchase order for my merchandise. This certificate is not necessary for personal checks, since all personal purchases within New York State must include N.Y.S. tax since my business is located in N.Y.S.  Please fill-in the shipping information in the blanks below (print- except signature). DOUBLE check calculations (Sorry, but overpayments under $5 will only receive credit toward future purchases). I send all orders Delivery Confirmation (no extra charge). Please fill-in the shipping information carefully. I will not take responsibility for delivery problems if shipping information is incorrect. If merchandise is damaged during delivery by USPS (very rare since I take special care in packaging), buyer must pay shipping to return merchandise. I will pay shipping to send out replacement merchandise (I suggest you first try to get return payment from USPS if package appears damaged). I will make every effort to ship your order within 1-3 days (media mail takes 2-8 more days for delivery), but circumstances may warrant a longer time period (you may request an estimate prior to making your order). After an order is made, I will E-mail the customer with an estimate of the shipping date. When shipped you will get a tracking number and estimated time of arrival. Please note that the USPS does not guarantee 1-3 day First Class/Priority Mail delivery, therefore, I will not take responsibility for First Class or Priority Mail deliveries made by the USPS that exceed the 3 day shipment estimate. I will NOT ship books for orders made outside the continental United States. If there are shipping problems I will try to help you in resolving the problem. Print clearly to avoid problems. .... Make checks and P.O.'s to: Stephen Pitoniak (2084 Meadowlark Circle, Lafayette, N.Y. 13084)...

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