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Invoice Credit Card Method

1. E-mail me your order
       2. Credit cards proccessed by PayPal     3. Receive your order
               (Also your contact information)           (Major credit cards accepted)                            (Priority mail  option availalble)

  Ordering Procedure
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A. General Procedure.

You E-mail order to me ---> I review order and add sales tax ---> I send order to PayPal ---> PayPal E-mails you a secure payment form ---> PayPal notifies me of payment ---> I mail  your items

B. Specific Procure

1.  In your E-mail type my E-mail address ( ), your E-mail address (Cc), and "Living Environment Order"(Subject).  See Sample E-mail below.

2.  In your E-mail type your order items from the Merchandise List below (CLICK HERE).  You may cut and paste items into your E-mail. 

3. Remember to include the number of each item you want
(ex. "Bio-Briefs Review  2" ). You do not need to include the price of each item (optional).

4. In your E-mail type your:  a. Name   b. Mailing address with Zip Code.  (see sample below) 
Sample E-mail

If you are a resident of New York State (NYS) or mail from NYS,
then t
he charge on your credit card will include your county's NYS sales tax.
For example, if one book is $20 and shipping is $0.99 and your sales tax is 8%, then your
final cost is $22.67 ($20 + $0.99 shipping + $1.68 tax).

PLEASE NOTE. I check my E-mail orders multiple times each day, but I am not always at my computer.  There may be a short delay in my response.

PayPal will send you a confirmation and invoice to handle your payment after I recieve your order.  See sample invoice bill below.

6. *IF your order is paid by a school or district, then to avoid paying NYS tax you must include an E-mail "attachment" of:
   a) A completed official school purchase order form, signed by your purchasing agent, that includes items purchased.
   b) A school tax exemption number on your purchase order form or a NYS school tax exemption form or other identify form.
   c) if an order is made without the two items above, then I must charge sales tax.

                      If you wish to determine your expected tax go to:

If you wish to determine your total payment (items + tax) ConvertIt.Com has a handy calculator
A.  I will E-mail you a "Thank You" as soon as I become aware, via PayPal,
that you have completed your payment
and I will begin preparing  your order for shipment
B.  I
will send you a USPS estimated time of arrival and a tracking number when your order is shipped.
C.  I usually ship USPS media mail within 1-5 days. USPS media mail delivery takes between 2-8 days.
(when I ship depends on number of pages and number of books and covid impact on workers available)
D.  If you choose Priority Mail, instead of Media Mail
then according to the USPS, items take 1-3 days to deliver.

 1. Priority/First Class Mail option ($4.99 first item, $0.99 more for each additional item)
For example, If you order two "Biology Lessons" and one "Bio-Briefs," then your total would be
$4.99 (first book) + $1.98 (next two books) =6.97 + tax

(You get
$0.99/item Economy shipping/item if Priority/First Class Mail option is not chosen)

The Living Environment- Biology Lessons (laminated cover, comb binding); $24.95; (image below)

6th Ed.

3. Leaf Study Guides (laminated)  $16.95

Teacher Lecture Guide (bound); unlaminated, $16.95 (image below)

5. Student Lecture Guide (unbound, reproducible); $14.95 (image below)

7. Case Studies, teacher manual (unlaminated); $16.95 (image below)

8. Case Studies, student manual (unbound, reproducible); $14.95 (image below)

9. Living Environment in 3D (unlaminated); $16.95 (image below)

------------------Living Environment PowerPoint CD:--------------------

10. Standard 1 and 4: Bio Concepts CD; $39.95 
(Standard 1 and Standard 4 are combined on 1 CD)

11. Standard 1 and 4: Bio Concepts CD: Teacher Answer Key; $9.95

12. District Site license for Std. 1 & 4 CD; $49.95

13. Bio-Briefs Review (unlaminated); $16.95
(image below)

14. Regents Mastery Review (unbound, reproducible); $19.95 (image below)

15. Bio-Sequence Cards;  $24.95/ 1 set (ex. 1 topic), laminated; $21.95/set unlaminated (image below)
Additional cards = $1.99/one 6 card pack (must be same topic purchased and included in original
order. Not sold separately.

 (multiples = multiples of one topic or multipe topics are ordered)

a. The Scientific Method
b. Life's Levels of Organization  
c. Diffusion 
d. DNA Synthesis 
e. Protein Synthesis 
f. Natural Selection 
g. Interpreting Fossil Evidence 
h. Mitotic Division 
i. Meiotic Division 
j. Hormone Feedback System  
k. Immunity Antibody Reaction 
L. Photosynthesis 
m. Cell Respiration 
n. Enzyme Reaction 
o. Food Web 
p. Ecological Succession 
q. Biodiversity 
r. Population Ecology 
s. Gobal Warming 
t. Invasive Species

16. Bio-Baggie Activities: 1 pkg. of 5 baggies (5 teams)/topic = $34.95 each
a. Diffusion - Bio-Baggie = $34.95
b. DNA, Genes, Chromatin, and Chromosomes - Bio-Baggie = $34.95
b. Cell Model - Bio-Baggie = $34.95
Additional baggies = $6.99/ baggie. Must be same topic originally ordered and part of
the original order. Not sold separately.

17. Bio-Logic Card Kit  (out of stock)
                          a. Genetics (supplies 6 students) = $29.95

                                         b. Cellular Organization (supplies 6 students) = $29.95

18. Regents Biology Flashcards  (for 25 students) (see below)

                   a. Topics 1-6 (5 card sets/topic = 30 cards sets) = $34.95
                   b. Topics 7-12 (5 card sets/topic = 30 card sets) = $34.95
c. Unlaminated = $29.95 Topics 1-6    
d. Unlaminated = $29.95 Topics 7-12 

Additional set of 12 cards = $6.99 each. Must be same topic originally ordered and part of
the original order. Not sold separately.

The calculator below is for your use.
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POLICIES.  If purchase is made by your business office in a tax exempt school, then please have them E-mail a copy of your Exempt Organization Certificate. All individual (personal) purchases within NYS must include NYS tax. DOUBLE check calculations (Sorry, but overpayments will only receive credit toward future purchases). Orders made within New York State must include tax since my business is located in N.Y. I send all orders Delivery Confirmation (no extra charge). Please fill-in the shipping information carefully. I will not take responsibility for delivery problems if shipping information is incorrect. If merchandise is damaged during delivery by USPS (very rare since I take special care in packaging), buyer must pay shipping to return merchandise. I will pay shipping to send out replacement merchandise (I suggest you first try to get return payment from USPS if package appears damaged). I will make every effort to ship your order as soon as possible (usually 1-5 days), but circumstances may warrant a longer time period (you may request an estimate prior to making your order). After an order is made, I E-mail the customer with an estimate of when I expect to ship their merchandise. Please note that the USPS does not guarantee 1-3 day First Class/Priority Mail delivery, therefore, I will not take responsibility for First Class or Priority Mail deliveries made by the USPS that exceed the 3 day shipment estimate. I will NOT ship books for orders made outside the 48 continental states in the United States. If there are shipping problems I will try to help you in resolving the problem. Print clearly to avoid shipping problems. Single and small orders are usually shipped in 1-2 days. Large class orders are usually shipped in 3-5 days. Mail or E-mail about special concerns.  Thank you ! To return to The Living Environment Web Site home page (click ---->) L.E. Web Site to see my entire line of products at  www.   

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